Transcription is done by real people. For good audio files, we guarantee a minimum of 95% accuracy. The management and all employees understand the importance of data security. We respect your confidential information through implementation of our NDA Policy (Click here).

Any activity undertaken by a company, in whichever industry it belongs to, that employs the need of any recorded information to be put into writing is classified under business transcription. Business transcription is the process of listening and documenting audio conversations, interviews, dictations resulting from corporate business meetings, financial reporting, one-on-one business strategy reviews, earnings conference call and the likes. A high-level of business and financial knowledge base and a solid foundation of English proficiency is essential.

We do:

● Annual Meetings
● Analyst Calls
● Earnings Calls
● Investor Meetings
● Interim Results
● Interviews
● Press Conferences
● Sales Calls
● Seminars

Medical Transcription is an allied health profession which deals with the process of transcribing or typing voice-recorded reports as stated by physicians and/or other healthcare professionals into standardized text format. This highly confidential medical report is done by certified medical transcriptionists. Being an MT requires an extensive understanding of different medical terms as well as excellence in English.

General transcription refers to a more informal type of audio and video recordings.

We do:

● Academic Research
● Entertainment interviews
● Recorded phone calls
● Focus group discussions
● Speeches
● Seminars
● Press conferences
● TV shows
● Advertisement clips

or any other form of recorded material which will then be converted into a client-specified text document. A diverse and broad knowledge base is the required skill set for this job.