Process Flow Diagram

Process Flow Diagram

To Get Started – Upload the file you want our team to work on. Specify if it is Business, Medical, or General Transcription files. Send us an electronic mail as a notification of the workload you want us to work on. Here, you can include your guidelines and templates. If you do not have one yet, we can provide that for you with no additional charge. We then send you a confirmation email that we have received your file.

All transcribed files will undergo a triple-pass transcription procedure as follows:

1. Transcribers will be following strict company guidelines regarding confidentiality of each transcribed document (NDA). All transcribed files will follow a pre-determined format and style guide according to your preference.

2. After the transcribing process, one of our highly-qualified quality analysts will take a quality run to make sure all necessarily research needed and technical terms are ironed out. It is also the quality analysts’ role to pre-proof the transcribed document to ensure that there is a double layer proofing for each document especially on checking spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

3. A dedicated proofreader will then follow through the third phase of the transcription process taking a closer look on how the sentences, grammar construction, paragraphing, checking for consistency in usage and layout is made, a final phase of punctuation check, grammar check, and spell check is then completed ensuring up to 95% to 99% accuracy rate.