This ensures compliance with legal requirements and our set standards of business conduct. All typists are considered independent contractors who are expected to read and comprehend this compliance and abide with these guidelines.

Contractors who violate the law or this Code of Business Conduct and Ethics will not be offered assignments.

– Honesty, integrity and ethics are the critical to your contract.



– No contractor shall distribute or circulate any unauthorized, electronic, written or printed material to anyone at any time.

– The Company and its client’s confidential information is a valuable asset. Confidential information includes product architectures; source codes; product plans and road maps; names and lists of customers, customer’s audio/video files and transcripts and/or other relevant information. This information is the property of the Company and its clients and must be protected and safeguarded, whether by patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret or any other laws. All confidential information must be used for company business purposes only and must be safeguarded.

– NDA: As you sign an agreement to protect and hold confidential the company’s or its clients’ proprietary information, this agreement remains in effect during and after you accept assignments from the company. Under this agreement, you may not disclose the company and/or its clients’ confidential information to anyone or use it to benefit anyone other than the company without the prior written consent of an authorized company officer.

– No confidential Information is to remain on off-premise computers. Files and data are maintained on company servers and may only be viewed via authorized login and password.

– Posting or discussing information concerning the company’s services or business on the Internet is prohibited.


– Quality of transcripts will be audited regularly. Customers may be asked to rate typists’ performance.


– Communication regarding your assignments is essential. Contractors are responsible for communicating with the company.